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Hoofprint Flurry

Born: March 14, 2013. Sire: Hoofprint Tupac Dam: Hoofprint Pendana Bred By: Joanne Chanyi Owned and trained by: Cheryl Dash in Alberta, Canada. The   test   we   took   this   July   2015   was   with   an   American   company   (Objective   First Tactical    K-9)    while    we    were    attending    a    Cadaver/Trailing    Seminar    in    Kalispell, Montana. The   standards   tested   on   were   for   the   Human   Remains   Detection   (Land)   and Flurry   passed   with   no   problems,   even   in   100   degree   temperatures.   His   bark   alert   is bang on. This is Flurry’s first certification in any profile. We   are   now   waiting   to   be   certified   in   wilderness   and   ditch   through   the   Canadian Search   Dog Association   sometime   this   summer/fall.   He   shouldn’t   have   a   problem   with that. In   addition   to   the   SAR   work,   we   have   also   been   screened   in   for   Zebra/Quagga   Mussel detection.   Check   out   the   Working   Dogs   for   Conservation   website.   This   is   a   new initiative   through   my   current   employer   (Alberta   Environment   and   Parks)   in   which   dogs are   used   to   detect   the   invasive   species.   I   didn’t   want   to   take   on   a   new   dog,   so   I   had Flurry tested and things are good to go for next year if I still want to pursue it. Cheryl Dash

Hoofprint Winter Elegence

Born: Dec. 6 - 2008 Sire: Hoofprint Oliver Dam: Hoofprint Pendana  Bred By: Joanne Chanyi Owned and trained by: Lou Ann Metz Ella   became   a   certified   Level   I   Cadaver   Dog   with   Summit   Search   and   Rescue   Dogs. This   is the   highest   level   of   certification   offered   by   the   organization.      Summit   Search   and   Rescue Dogs   is   a   16   +   year   old   SAR   team   that   is   based   in   northeast   Ohio   and   is   the   search   and rescue   resource   for   the   Cuyahoga   Valley   National   Park.   Ella   is   owned   and   handled   by   Lou Ann Metz, a Division Fire Chief with the Stow Fire Department. Ella   has   been   training   in   cadaver   work   since   she   left   the   Hoofprint   Kennels   at   age   7   weeks.     She   is   now   19   months   old.      She   loves   the   search   "game"   and   has   tremendous   drive   for   the work.      She   is   very   agile   which   is   required   to   do   this   demanding   work.      She   is   very   serious when working and has great focus.  In   order   to   achieve      this   certification   she   was   evaluated   by   three   independent   evaluators   in several   areas.      These   areas   included   a   40   acre   and   a   65   acre   search   wilderness   search,   a building   search,   a   search   in   or   on   the   shoreline   of   water   and   a   search   for   buried   cadaver materials    of    various    types    and    age.  She    completed    her    40    acre    search    successfully locating the source in 67 minutes and her 65 acre search successfully in 2 hours. Special   thanks   to   Joanne   and   Beth   Barkley. This   is   the   second   pup   that   Beth   Barkley   has chosen for Lou Ann and both have been outstanding working dogs. 

Hoofprint Phantom Thor - SAR


Pentagon Memorial, 1 Rotary Road (on the Pentagon Reservation), Arlington, Virginia These pictures are the result of a photo shoot at the Pentagon in September 2009 by Joan Brady. Breeder: Joanne Chanyi - Owner: Blair Miller   .


January 31, 2000 Sire: WSCC/AWSA Ch. Lynsdens D General OVC H/E TT Dam: Hoofprint Genie OP OVC H/E Breeder: Joanne Chanyi - Owner: Beth Barkley Fearghas   passed   the   test   to   become   a   Cadaver   Dog   when   he   was   just   14   months   old.   When the   Terrorist   attacked   the   USA   and   crashed   a   plane   into   the   Pentagon.   Beth   and   Fearghas was   called   to   help   in   the   search.   Fearghas   was   not   quite   2   years   old,   yet   they   successfully worked very well at the site for several days.

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Service Dogs

A list of Service Dogs, bred by Hoofprint, or have at least one Hoofprint Parent. 


Born: Jan. 8 1998 Sire: Hoofprint Orbit OVC H/E  x  Dam: Hoofprint Genie OVC H/E Breeder Joanne Chanyi  -  Owner: Vincent Valanzuolo Wyatt has graduated as a Hearing Dog from NEADS. He accomplised this in just one month of training.


Born: Jan 29 1997 Sire: Hoofprint Konan ex Dam: Contessa v.d. Bernissehof Breeder: Henk van Der Graaf Trained by Guide Dog Training Center of A.L'Abee in Holland Matched up with new owner in the fall of 1998.


Born: Oct. 7 1996 Sire: Hoofprint Malibu OVC H/E  x  Dam: Hoofprint Lanna OVC H/E Breeder: Joanne Chanyi  -  Owner: Blair Miller Thor   has   passed   his   tests   to   become   a   Search   and   Rescue   Dog   with   the   Fair   Oaks Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company. Thor   has   had   a   few   good   finds   to   his   credit   and   when   the   Terrorist   crashed   a   plane into   the   Pentagon,   Thor   and   Blair   was   asked   to   help   out.   They   successfully   worked at that site for several days.


Born: May 15 1995 Sire: Hoofprint Orbit OVC H/E  x Dam: Hoofprint Samatha OVC Breeder: Joanne Chanyi  Handler: Sly Acosta with the Buffalo Police Dept. Harley is a trained drug detection dog. He has just recently graduated. We hope to hear of some of his accomplishments in the future.
Beth with Hoofprint Fintan Fearghas
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Born: Mar 23 1990 - † 1998 Sire: Hoof Print Lancer RXO OP OVC H/E  Dam: WGSDCI CH Hoof Print Charlene RX OP OVC Breeder: Joanne Chanyi - Owner: Vincent Vananzuolo Oavae was specially trained as a hearing dog for Vincent. He was also Vincent's friend, they did lots of things together. Vincent entered him in the herding instinct trails, and they even got involved in the costume class


Born: Dec 22 1990 Sire: Hoof Print Pancho RXO OP OVC x Dam: Sunlits Seika Seabreeze CD OVC Breeder: Sharon Mann  -  Owner and Trainer: Beth Barkley The   breeding   between   Pancho   and   Seika   was   repeated   just   to   get   another   pup   for Beth.   Czar   was   to   take   his   brothers   place   with   the   Search   and   Rescue   work   with Beth.   He   was   a   bundle   of   energy   and   Beth   started   him   in   cadaver   work,   and   this   is where   Czar   still   excelles.   He   has   been   a   top   cadaver   dog   for   quite   a   few   years   now, with   many   finds   to   his   credit.   He   also   settled   down   enough   to   become   a   Search   and Rescue   Dog.   One   of   Czars   more   notable   finds   was   during   the   Oklahoma   Bombing disaster, where he helped find bodies.


Born: May 25 1993 Sire: Hoofprint Sundance RX OP OVC H/E Dam: WSCC Alt. Ch. Hoof print Day Light Star TT OVC H/E Breeder: Debbie Martin - Owner: Linda O'Lenuik Suzy   is   a   specially   trained   Hearing   Dog,   a   job   which   she   does   well,   she   also   is credited   with   helping   save   Linda.   One   day   Linda   began   to   have   a   seizer,   and   Suzy ran   for   Linda's   husband   and   INSISTED   that   he   follow   her   back   to   Linda.   She   was only 6 months old at that time.


Sire: Hoof Print Joshua  x  Dam: Hoof Print Lottie Breeder: E. Kelly -  Owner: Robert and Cally Beltrano Niko was trained to search airplanes and other places for illegal substances.


Born: Mar 13 1988 - † Mar 5 1999 Sire: Hoof Print Pancho RXO OP OVC  x  Dam: Sunlits Seika Seabreeze CD OVC Breeder: Sharon Mann - Owner and Trainer: Beth Barkley Siri   was   purchased   to   follow   in   the   footsteps   of   Panda,   Beth's   first   Search   and Rescue   dog.   These   would   be   big   steps   to   fill.   Sirius   tried   really   hard,   he   not   only became   a   Search   and   Rescue   dog   he   also   became   a   Cadaver   Dog,   Unfortunatly   Siri had   to   be   retired   early   because   of   a   injury   to   a   hind   leg,   and   then   bad   injury   to   a   front leg. He later was certified as a Pet Therapy Dog. (pictured with owner Beth Barkley and "Panda")


Born: July 9 1988 Sire: Hoof Print Pancho RXO OP x Dam: Hytyme's Vixen OFA Breeder: Joanne Chanyi - Owner: Peter Zein Trained Special Skills Service Dog Quasar   is   specially   trained   to   assist   Peter   Zein   a   quadriplegic,   in   his   every   day   living. He'll   pick   up   any   thing   Peter   drops,   and   will   go   and   fetch   him   things   on   command.   He is   also   trained   to   pull   the   wheel   chair   if   Peter   gets   tired.   Quasar   goes   to   work   with Peter   everyday,   and   has   made   his   life   much   easier.   Peter   says   Quasar   replaced   my legs and my arms.


Born: Sept 8 1988 AKC D782065 A.K.A. K9 Conan Breeder and Owner: Linda Gan of Ve-Lin Shepherds. Handler and Lifetime partner P.O. Ed Meyers. Sire: Hoof Print Midnight Too, OVC (Breeder: J. Service. Owners: J. Chanyi & Linda Gan) Dam: Hoof Print Heidi RXO OP OFA (Breeder: J. Chanyi. Owner: Linda Gan) Graduated K 9 school 6/15/90 Competed Explosive Detection Training 11/16/90 USPCA-P.D.I.   1992   to   1997.   NAPWDA   certified,   explosive   Detection   Team,   "The Bomb   Squad"   with   lifetime   partner   P.O.   Ed   Meyers.   Conan   retired   from   active   service with the Metropolitan P.D. St. Louis MO. in May 1998.


Sire: Hoofprint Orbit OP OVC H/E x Dam: Hoofprint Samatha OP OVC Breeder Joanne Chanyi -  Owner and Handler Beth Barkley Cadaver Dog. Jadzia   is   pictured   here   finishing   her   WSCC   Altered   Championship.   She   is   a   very smart   and   independent   girl.   She   is   a   certified   Cadaver   dog   and   should   be   a   SAR Dog   also,   but   her   love   of   her   freedom   and   desire   to   explore   has   held   her   back.   She is   Beths   personal   protection   dog.   She   is   to   be   a   Therapy   Dog   and   will   pursue   that work as soon as time allows.


Born: 1984 Sire: Hoof Print Pancho RXO OP OVC  x  Dam: Hoof Print Tara CD OP OVC Breeder: Martha Andrews. - Trainer: Larry De Pugh TENDERLUV'S MADISON, 1984 TENDERLUV'S BEN, 1984 TENDERLUV'S COLONEL, 1985 These   are   4   brothers   that   all   graduated   as   leader   dogs   for   the   blind   from   the   Canine Vision   Canada.   Three   were   littermate's   and   the   forth   was   from   a   repeat   breeding. Bear   was   used   for   demonstrations   at   the   lions   club   center   for   a   while.   All   were successfully matched up with their blind masters.


Born: Sept/3/1982 Sire: Hoof Print Lord Zeus CD.  x Dam: Jo-els Tezrha RX OP OVC Breeder: Joanne Chanyi  - Owner: Danish Army, Air Base Tirstrup Pacer   was   sold   to   Gunner   Johannessen   in   Denmark.   At   the   age   of   8   years   Pacer was   teamed   up   with   the   Danish   Military   and   Lance   Corporal   Michael   Johansen   at   the age   of   9   Pacer   and   Michael   Johansen   teamed   up   with   fellow   officer   Sergeant Anders Borg    and    his    German    Shepherd    Bruno,    to    competed    with    100    other    military competitors   from   Seven   Countries,   to   win   the   World   Championship   for   "International Canine Biathlon". Included   in   this   unit   competition   was   teams   from   England,   USA,   France,   Belgium, Norway,   and   other   Danish   places   of   work,   including   the   Danish   policemen.   The   USA and   England   compete   with   at   least   20   men   and   dogs.   The   competition   is   very demanding    .    They    have    to    run    6    kilometers    and    face    20    obstacles,    since    the competition   is   for   military   and   police   only,   shooting   with   a   submachine   gun   is   also included   ,   in   the   end   the   dogs   have   to   catch   a   "criminal"   and   make   sure   he   does   not escape.


Mar/21/1971 - † Jan 1983 Sire: Sunny White Cloud  x Dam: Sheba Belle Breeder: Joanne Chanyi  - Handler: Rick Frackrell Prince   was   11   months   old   when   he   was   tested   for   his   ability   to   be   a   police   dog.   At first   they   were   very   disappointed   that   Prince   was   white   and   they   weren't   going   to accept   him.   They   decided   that   since   he   had   been   offered   to   them,   they   should   at least   test   him.   Well   he   made   such   a   good   impression   that   they   accepted   him   to   be included   in   the   first   group   of   4   dogs   to   be   trained   for   the   London   Ontario   Police Force.   He   passed   with   flying   colors.   He   was   the   lifetime   partner   of   Rick   Frackrell.   He was   also   given   Sargent   bars,   when   Rick   was   promoted   to   Sargent.   He   was   pictured many   time   in   the   newspapers,   when   he   had   helped   solve   another   crime.   He   was credited   with   over   200   arrests   and   he   was   still   working   at   the   time   of   his   death   due   to liver failure at 11 years of age.
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